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Maverick UK songstress Gemma Ray has interpreted 2 songs by the legendary Sparks, but in true Mael style the LA duo have in turn re-interpreted her interpretation and turned it back in on itself. “What?!” we hear you gasp!

In the words of Gemma Ray: “I have long been a huge admirer of Sparks’ non-conformity which allows them to take their uncompromising creativity to wherever it wants to go. But I really could not imagine what my thing combined with their thing would sound like, and that was a big part of the attraction. ”

And in the words of Sparks: “It takes a certain type of bravery to attack our songs. Gemma has both bravery and immense talent. We are moved by the results.”

The two songs will be released as a limited edition collectors 7” and download, with artwork by Rick Froberg (Obits/Hot Snakes), and will feature as bonus tracks on her forthcoming new album Island Fire.

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