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New ! 12 " blue vinyl LP version comes with 2 extra exclusive tracks: Ain't It Hard and In My Time Of Dying. Only available on the LP version. Comes with Download Card. Limited to 500.
Side 1
1/Blues Uzi
2/Highway Sound
3/I Don't Do Nobody Nothin'
4/City Of Refuge
5/Ain't It Hard

Side 2
1/ Judgement
2/ Motherless Child
3/ Wayfaring Stranger
4 I Know I've Been Changed
5/ In My Time Of Dying

Blues Uzi is MM's (drive-by) take on being "shot down by the blues". The blues is a feeling not a genre, and in the case of Patrick McCarthy - fully automatic, 600 RPM and living next door to you. This furious song is the the product of a lack of comprehension of these times, building up over decades into holy shitfire.

Highway Sound tells the story of a man wrestling with his natural inclination to walk the crooked road of his youth and the conscience that ties him to the settled life he has fallen into.

City Of Refuge and Judgement are based on songs by Blind Willie Johnson and Rev. Sister Mary Nelson respectively, both with new lyrics written by Sheehy, who say: "Having long been an apostate, the lack of a belief in the heavenly hereafter has never really troubled me. But the lack of a belief in a truly terrible place where the evil fucks of this world would be punished for the wrongs they have committed, now that really does trouble me! These songs convey an apocalyptic vision where a vengeful and just God returns to destroy all those who waged war, raped women and children, subjugated the poor and destroyed the planet in his name."

I Don't Do Nobody Nothin' is a traditional song which deals with good old fashioned hypocritical Christian bigotry and is as true today as it was when it was sung decades ago. There are two bonus songs on the album which are culled from the bands debut vinyl only 10 inch mini album and are available here on CD for the first time.

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