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BOSS HOG - Brood X

Boss Hog's First New Album in 17 Years – Brood X

Tired of feeling sad? Tired of feeling beat-down? Tired of feeling used, abused, lied to, and shamed? Remember what it was like when rock’n’roll made everything all right??  
BOSS HOG has heard your call.
BROOD X is the change you have been waiting for.
Let BOSS HOG lift you up.
BROOD X is a party you can believe in. 

The Boss Hog All Stars
Cristina Martinez - vocals
Jon Spencer - guitar & vocals
Jens Jurgensen - bass
Hollis Queens - drums & vocals
Mickey Finn - keys

Brood X
1. Billy
2. Black Eyes
3. Ground Control
4. Shh Shh Shh
5. Signal
6. Rodeo Chica
7. Elevator
8. Formula X
9. Sunday Routine
10. 17