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GEMMA RAY - Stay Inside

“...look outside your window pane,
it’s raining blades,
things won’t always be the same
...Stay inside, stay inside with me”

With the current advisories, inevitable lockdowns and life-altering craziness that is afoot, this intimate home recording by Gemma Ray is now seeing the light of day for the first time, to serve as a gentle reminder of what we should all be doing right now during the Covid-19 outbreak.
All proceeds will be donated to the WHO's Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
Written and recorded in 2006, it got lost amongst a plenitude of output (Gemma has since released 8 solo albums), and forgotten until the events of today jolted her memory of it.
Though the song itself is obviously not about curbing a pandemic (it’s a melancholic folk-blues portrait of self-isolation), nevertheless - do the right thing and STAY INSIDE.